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Rootstech 2018 
Registration is coming in September!  Do you want to be able to have the answers for your Ward and friends at your fingertips.  You can watch most of Rootstech online the past few years, there have been literally thousands of people streaming the important and relevant information which may help you with future discoveries.  We prefer to attend and it's a lot of fun.  We meet a lot of great people and gain new insights just by being there.  It's great to be able to try the different ideas and see the new technology unfold in person.

As a C…

The power of Discernment in Genealogy


 Thank you for whispering!
  We have a sign up at the Stake Library and encourages people - just like at a real Library -  to whisper - but here it is for a different reason.  Many times, when you are searching for Ancestors and providing you say a prayer first, when it comes down to one or two candidates for your relative, you can write down all the facts and then pray for the sure knowledge.  Those relatives want to be found.  They went through such hardships and did not have the luxuries that we enjoy today.  They do not wish to be forgotten.  Every time you learn more about your Heritage, I'm sure they smile because if they could tell you their story, they most certainly would do so!

Elder Richard D Scott wrote for his talk on Family History,
"This work is a spiritual work, a monumental effort of cooperation on both sides of the veil, where help is given in both directions. Anywhere you are in the world, with prayer, faith, determination, dilig…

Some fun tips, tricks and Family History Activities for you!

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Rise to your Call  is an Inspirational Video no matter  what job you hold  We hope you enjoy it!

Rise to your Call - LDS Video for Temple and Family History Consultants

President Eyring discusses the blessings you will receive when you seek to magnify your calling, no matter what it is in the Church.

"Andsotoeveryone--manorwoman,girlorboy--whohasbeencalledorwho willyetbe,Iwillgiveyoumycounsel.
First,youarecalledofGod.TheLordknowsyou.HeknowswhomHewouldhaveserveineverypositioninhisChurch.Hechoseyou.Yourcallhaseternalconsequencesforothersandforyou.Intheworldtocome,thousandsmaycallyournameblessed,evenmorethanthepeopleyouservehere.Theywillbetheancestorsandthedescendantsofthosewhochoseeternallifebecauseofsomethingyousaidor did,orevenwhatyouwere.
Therewillbetimeswhenyouwillfeeloverwhelmed.Oneofthewaysyouwillbeattackediswithafeelingthatyouareinadequate.Butyouhaveaccesstomorethanyournaturalcapacities,andyoudo notworkalone.TheLordwillmagnifywhat…


The images below are a facsimile of a Newsletter we just sent out.  You can find the links below the images of the Newsletter. 
 We were so touched by this lecture that we put it to music and added pictures. If you can't hear the music, ask us for a onedrive link thx!

A fun thing we learned was to  Find Relatives Around you!
Fun exercise - download Family Tree app to your phone. Open app - look for "More" Click on More button and look for Find Relatives around me! It will scan the room or building and let you know who you are related to! You will love this! 

IF you are good at video games, you would like Life's Journey - see link below!  I had trouble with this because I don't have a real command over games with the up and down arrow but you would probably do fine!

another great game is called Relatives around me!   You can find it below at the WHAT'S NEW link!   We played it in a room of about 300 people I couldn't believe how many I was r…

How do you get Youth to encourage Less Actives and Converts to do Family HIstory?

We are always trying to come up with innovative ways to involve Young Women and Young Men in Family History.  We have started encouraging extending callings them to become Temple and Family History Consultants.  With: 

This is an almost instant training program to get them off and running, to teaching them how to use the Consultant planner

They can become a Ward Hero in 5 minutes as it shows them how to find instant successes, i.e., Temple Opportunities, Find a Grave records and Vital Records to attach to files, Memories of Pioneers and War Heroes to attach are easily pointed out to them for "click on me" instant access.

Their confidence  increases as their success record increases and exudes smiles on their audience.  It's a blessing to see!  So to complete the invitation, I created some cards to get them excited about coming in and experiencing Find, Take and Teach.  Here is a picture of what the Young Women could crea…


Let me paint the picture.  You are at a Ward Council meeting and the Bishop looks to you for support - for a report on how the Ward is doing with Family History.  What is your progress?  What are the Consultants working on?  Wouldn't you like to have the answers?

Wouldn't you like to say, "We have 35% increased activity this month with 7 Consultants actively calling and scheduling appointments to go over the Consultant Planner with the members.  Last Month we taught 6 people to add a memory and source their records this month we  taught 11".  This month we got 12 fan charts on the walls of inactive members so they can bond with their ancestors".

This template will allow you to get the numbers and every month, when the Consultants share the template on a -  they can make calls, find out information and log it here.  At the Bottom, it tallies all the logistical information and when you click on report, it shows a printable  report that is already format…