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Did your Ancestor fall off the edge of the Earth? Can't find him?

Why is it sometimes hard to find our Ancestors?
I used to make a trip to Los Angeles from a little town up the coast once a month to go to a special Family History Library.  It was an hour away and it was pretty magical; just filled with vital information.   I was determined to find the answers to the stories I had heard my whole life so the hour trip was not a big deal.

 At 27, I would go to the local Church Family History Library and request microfilm.  I would pay the 3.00 and then go home and wait.  The Librarian would send off to Salt Lake City for the little box of miracles.  When it arrived, I would get a call to come to the Library and put the film on a large machine with a big crank.  Turning the crank and advancing the film, thousands of names would flash through the light until you slowed it down and focused on the page that supposedly held the names of your people. It was always a puzzle if I had chosen the right box of microfiche.  Once I wanted to believe it was the righ…

Find Take and Teach Helps for Genealogy Consultants

This moves slowly however when we do it as a live presentation, the Power Point is only about 17 minutes long.
After the Presentation, we answer questions and individually can show everyone how to Merge files, avoid duplicate entries, add a record, source your documents, add a memory, add a picture.

We discuss what real documentation is in the presentation. Some people will source a document, "Because she is my mother" or "Because I was there".  that is not appropriate any longer.  Let's try to find Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Property, deeds, Obituaries and Millennial Files or Census Data. Prior to 1710, Census Data that is approved is from roll call at town meetings and church attendance.  These are called Compiled Census Records, Electoral Registers and Quaker Meeting Records, etc.,