Holding a Family History Event

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here are lots of events that can help you further the work by encouraging others to attend and learn how to document the lives of their families.  Here are a few successful ideas we have used.

Have a Linger Longer  or Open House Event with your Ward 

Takes place after the 3 hour block.
TACO OR BAKED POTATO BAR - fun ! just have everyone bring 1 bowl of their favorite topping.  cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, chopped olives, 

Invite everyone to bring their favorite topping to tacos or have a  baked potato bar
We supplied

  • 3 crock pots of taco meat (3 family history members donated), 
  • 12 dozen tortillas from Smart N Final (3 family history members each brought 4 dozen - about 4.00 each)
  • and a cake from Costco (1 family history member donated 16.00)  
  • We used the Wards supply of paper plates, cups for water and forks/napkins
Members bring:  pen/paper for notes; laptop - would be very helpful

Stations:  We set the food up at one end of the cultural hall with about 6 round tables and chairs in the middle.  In a U shape at the other end of the Cultural Hall were different stations:

1 - Ward Clerk with his laptop and ability to give people their member numbers.

2 - Table for Family Search to sign up for a family tree

3 - Table for Partner Access - to sign up for $700.00 of free software.
4.  Have a table of scrapbooks to look at for ideas

4 - Table for Research - help finding a name or name of cousins using Puzilla.org

5. Learn how to index properly

6  Learn how to scan pictures and documents (need a color printer here)

7- Table for Consultant Planner - to meet with a consultant and quickly find some opportunities to easily add to your tree.

8. Have a printer for printing names and if possible one for printing their fan charts.  We use HP7610

Overflow:  One long kids table and chairs - we put a Family History Game "Find a Name..." on the middle, along with Family HIstory Coloring books and crayons.  We also put card stock and an embosser that embosses the stock in a puzzle shape.  After they color a picture of their family, they can break it into puzzle pieces and put it into a zip log bag to take home - fun to put together and take apart.

Have an Open House for your Family History Room

 Display this poster in the foyer for several weeks prior to event and put in bulletin every week for 3 weeks prior.

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