Thursday, April 6, 2017


This is a great little short video on how to make the most of your resources.  A lot of people will come to us and say I need to find this person.....that's all.  In order to do this correctly, we need more information so that we can maximize on our resources and minimize on our time.

So - Here are some questions we need the answers to?

This person's name____________________
Where were they born?_______________________
What was the first Census they appeared on?
What Census data have you already searched?
What county/City/State did their Parents live in as Children?
What county/City/State did they Marry in?
Do you have corroborating certificates of his parents - and or/grandparents?
i.e., - birth certificates, death certificates, baptisms, census data, any county records,

In other words, what have you already done so that we don't reinvent the wheel?

What do you know about this person's heritage? Language spoken?
When did they immigrate?
Who was the first person in your family to immigrate to the US?

It may seem like a lot, but in these few sentences is a wealth of linked information and we can guide you to success.

Do you have a Family Search Account?  May we analyze it for you?

Here is a video to the WIKI block of research site - you will love it as an additional help.

Let us help you get past your brick wall!

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