The new Area Seventy for the Scottsdale Coordinating Council is Elder Raymond Heyman
Raymond S. Heyman, 60, Chandler, Arizona; Partner, Snell & Wilmer; former bishop, high councilor, mission president, and stake president; wife: Diane Heyman, five children.
We look forward to coordinating the Reports from our Stake Presidencies to ensure continuity and success with Temple and Family History.
There are a few sites that have been helpful we wanted you to know about:
Gatherers in the Kingdom

Please note that there are three presentations of this slide deck for 3 different meetings.  One for Leaders, one for Temple and Family History Consultants, and one for Ward Members.

Thank you Br. Carruth for letting us know that slide 5 was different in the leader's deck than what has recently been published.   Another new slide shows that Area TFH Consultants advise Stake Presidents and this one does not.  The slide is intended to show the Priesthood channel and the Family history channel. It is not an indicator of where support and help/training comes from.  This was done to emphasize the chain of leadership

Please let us know when you have shared these with your Wards so we can report back on the success of the project.

MEDIA STOP!  Here you go - how to work with Ward Leaders when you are a Temple and Family History consultant.

My favorite new website for training consultants is:  The Family History Guide or

It's pretty amazing.  If you don't have any computer skills, it even teaches you about the computer.
However, let's say you are fair to middlin' in your experience.  Once you experience a login and password, you can log your proficiency in each area of learning and monitor yourself for success.


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