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Area Temple and Family History Consultants - Scottsdale, Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe

I may have missed a city!  Please let me know what your area covers so that I can label your picture from our meeting correctly.   I feel like we are missing some from our meeting.  If others have pictures, please send them.    This is from our April 27, 2017 meeting with Our Family Search Area Manager, Brent Summerhays.

We need pictures of the Karchners, Kemptons and Calls

As we follow the Six Steps that the First Presidency laid out,  with Heavenly Father's help, we will bring so much joy into  others' lives.

1.  Prepare Spiritually
2.  Discover their Goals
3.  Access their tree
4.  Deliver a personalized lesson plan with the Consultant Planner
5.  Point them to the Temple
6.  Find others to teach.

We always enjoy their excitement at learning something new and always ask, "Who will you share what you've learned here with?".  If they say it, they will do it.

The 110 Rule - it's importance and explanation

James Tanner pretty much explains this rule to a tee!  His explanation comes from a 2015 Roots Tech update, but it is still prevalent today.

#RootsTech Update -- Discussion about the LDS 110 Year Rule In doing Temple ordinances members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been asked to observe what is called "the 110 Year Rule." The rule is currently stated as follows: 110 Year Rule:

To do ordinances for a deceased person who was born in the last 110 years, the following requirements must be met.
The person must have been deceased for at least one year.You must either be one of the closest living relatives, or you must obtain permission from one of the closest living relatives. If you are not a spouse, child, parent, or sibling of the deceased, please obtain permission from one of the closest living relatives before doing the ordinances. The closest living relatives are an undivorced spouse (the spouse to whom the individual was married when he or she died),…

Various Ways of Transferring Data from Ancestry to Family Search

We always start a new tree in Ancestry.  The records are just more user friendly.  Once we are ready to move forward and connect the account and sources to FS, we always check to make sure there are not duplicates.   Click on the little green tree under HIRE AN EXPERT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

YOUR information in your Ancestry Tree is on the RIGHT - when you choose whom you wish to connect, click the radio button next to the name which has the most information.
Now compare - if this is not your person, go back one step and look for another.  If you need to see if your research is going well, and your information does not connect with any  of these options, you need to go back and start where you are positive of the documents you have and delete any documents that may lead down another path.  Then when your documentation aligns with the match in Family Search you can connect.

Why ARE Irish records so hard to find?

Why ARE Irish records so hard to find?
     In 1922, during the Irish Civil War, there was a huge fire in the court system there.  Many thought that the records were all lost, but similarly to our Civil War, records were kept locally then sent to the County Courts in the form of copies.  In our records, the way you can tell a copy from an original is that the copy is neatly handwritten and in alphabetical order instead of random by street.
     Following that logic, the local copies of records were most often records kept in Catholic Parishes.   
Recently, technology has transformed hope of what was once thought of as lost to possibility.
.  People are taking portable scanning machines directly to Parishes country wide and preserving these precious artifacts for their posterity.  By scanning and then indexing (somewhat like tagging a picture in facebook), remarkable finds are happening.  
     You can read more about that here at  Another Partner Access we have free acces…


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HAND OUT FOR SUNDAY - 5-14-2017    Your Bishops need to Send their Stake President a count.  Will you help?




We really enjoyed getting together and per your request, I have uploaded here a copy as a .pdf
of the slide deck so that you don't have to take laborious notes - the links that we mentioned are all right here!

Including Https://

Get the App  YAMMER


Let us know if you would like us to research anything for this blog. One of you brought up a great idea.... The only ones who would have trouble getting their 4 generations are not converts.... we can get those in a heartbeat... it's the Adopted Children...
I am thinking we need a page with a lot of National directory and support group links for Adoptees and Adoptive parents.
If you agree, comment below!

Family History Callings

Presentation to the African American Genealogical Association of Arizona

Earlier this year, I was asked to research and prepare a presentation to the African American Genealogical Association of Arizona.  I did it but wanted M'Lee Clark to look it over and she found some  sharper pictures of the ones I had found  - so it was a real combined work of Art!  Thank you M'Lee!

Hope you enjoy it!''

Ward Family History Template - When you want answers to progress.... yesterday

There is no real report to help Presidents know how their Wards are doing in Family History, but Each Ward could get that information easily as they are working with their people and calling them and inviting them through the Consultant Planner.

Right now, there is a need for all Bishops to let their Stake President know how many people have their 4 generations done.  This was an easy and fun way for our Ward to keep track.  Originally it was simpler but the brainchild of Kristina Potter.  We have modified it to tally different logistics and each Consultant has access to it.  The Coordinator easily will have all his or her numbers for Ward correlation.

Check it out.  If you like it and it will help your Ward, please feel free to use it and then report back to us if it was helpful.

I had the Google Drive version up here but today I replaced it with the ONEDRIVE VERSION  You can work so much easier with Microsoft products with OneDrive.  The little pull down tabs work perfectly saving y…

Creating a comfort zone for Family History....


       Our ward Family History endeavors were not optimal.  In 2010 we would hold classes according to the manual and people would show up for 1 or 2 classes and then say, "Sayonara" because it was very basic and they already felt that ALL of their work had been done.    The Internet connection in our building was dicey at best.  Frequently, on Sundays, as the masses poured in to Sacrament, their phones were on auto pilot to adjust to the Church WIFI.

 So having access on a regular basis was inconsistent and weak.  That had a compounding problem because the access point (that little thing that looks like plastic rabbit ears) was on a beam shelf in the Foyer about 50 feet from our Family History Room.   If the router needed to be reset, one in his or her church dress, had to go out to the foyer, drag a classroom table over, climb up on it and try to reach the router on the ledge.  This got old rather quickly.

We got permission to use the old a…