Sunday, December 23, 2018

Setting your Family History Goals for your Stake or Ward

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Start January 2019 off with a bang!  

After reading this newsletter, you will be prepared to start working on your Ward Family History Plans for your Stake High Counselor to roll into a report for your Stake President.

Last April Area Presidencies were assigned to each of the six massive areas of the World. Our Area is called the North America South West Area. They do need to look at numbers as it happens to be a logical way to see what is working and what is not. Each quarter, your Stake Presidents need your plan for your Ward visions for planning and future budgets. 

      We hope this newsletter will help get your 2019 year off to a good start. Some Stake Presidents started requesting your plans for your wards back in September and October. We've never, to my knowledge had a forum for jotting down what was important in your vision for your Ward. By creating a plan, events to be held by each of our Auxiliaries will be documented, talked about, and put onto your Stake Calendar.

      You will each be able to coordinate activities for your events This newsletter will show you a template that you can input all the info from your Auxiliaries and when you submit it to your Stake High Counselor, he will love it! A lot of people are now using this and feel like their team is truly effective and cohesive. They FEEL more organized!  Let us know how we can improve upon it for you. 

The Link is below in the Newsletter - Interesting enough, I have Canva looking into their newsletter software for improvements.   This newsletter is great for browsing and deciding if you want to download the .pdf version.  You won't be able to click on any links here online, but if you download the .pdf version, you can click on links as you read.


NASW NEWSLETTER FOR January 2019 by TedKarenMeyer

Discover Gather and Connect was the theme of last year's Roots Tech - wondering what the theme will be this year.  I know as a convert, I was particularly moved by the "I belong" commercials.  Everytime I find that one of my ancestors was a Pioneer who struggled in the journey across the United States, I feel like I do belong.  Of course, as a Child of God, we all belong, but there is something different about a convert realizing that the church that they chose to join is also one that their ancestors loved.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gives us many opportunities to get to know our ancestors.  I hope you enjoy this deck called Discover, Gather and Connect....

Saturday, December 15, 2018

It's almost been a year since the Prophet asked us...

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Scottsdale Coordinating Council - You are amazing!
We have almost accomplished EVERYTHING that was asked of us!
There's just one more item...
It's almost been a year since the Prophet asked us to work with the 11-12 year olds...

 What have we done? Our Stakes have been doing an excellent job!  You are all running as fast as you can!

     We've had a year packed with changes in Family History and have trained the Elders Quorum Leaders, their Counselors over Temple and Family History, and then there is the new Temple and Family History Leader that we needed to train in the Stakes where the Wards opted to use that method.


     Our Stake Leads have been working hard to have each ward send a TFHC to work one night per month from each Ward to the Stake Library.  The Stake Leads have also been working to train the Ward Leads and Temple and Family History Consultants on the one-on-one, spirit led, personalized family history experience.  TFHCs are going out with the Full Time Missionaries and working with people who are being taught.  They are helping them gather names for a fan chart and visiting the Stake Center to enter names in their own FREE account!   They are partnering with ministering sisters and brothers to make sure converts get to the Temple within 60 days!  They have been using our training decks and cheat sheets to allay the anxieties of the new consultants using the non-manual preferred method of the First Presidency.

YOUNG ADULTS inviting Non Members to join in!   

 Our Young Adults are planning inclusive fun Activities, like Family History Escape Rooms and utilizing Family History Games to spark interest in the young adults' families.  They are infusing fun into Family History!


 Our Youth have been going out in pairs with invitations and cookies to invite our  Elite Singles and Older Sisters/Brothers to work together in partnership, thereby getting to appreciate the older generation for their gifts and hard work lessons that they impart to the youth while working  with them.  Working to include older sisters and brothers by calling them and offering to work with them one on one in their homes has been found to be helpful and invigorating to both.  The youth have also increased their numbers by learning how to log in with their own login and password and reserving and printing their own names from the accounts.  That makes your Stake numbers swell and tells the Prophet that you are getting it done!  Well Done!


   Our Relief Society and Elders Quorum Presidencies are working more with the Mission President and  Ward Mission Leaders.  As new people being taught are welcomed into the fold, these great people are making sure that they are loved and friend-shipped.  The Consultant assigned by the Ward Lead to work with that person also works with someone the Relief Society Counselor or Elders Quorum Counselor assigns to minister to that person.  The three work in partnership  to make sure that the new convert goes to the Temple within 60 days with their own names!

It's your turn to shine!
if you are over the 11-12 year olds, you have been encouraging them to do as the Prophet asked!

They are getting help from a Temple and Family History consultant learning the Consultant Planner and Partner Access.  They have their very own accounts and are able to reserve names shown to them in the Planner and they can hand them to their Parents to do until they become 12 and can go with the Youth to do the Baptisms.

We are so proud of the strides you have made this year!

Keep up the good work  

here is your Primary Train-the Trainer Video for not only
the Primary Leaders, but the YW and YM leaders who work with the Youth Consultants.

Check out
No matter where you are, you can pick any of the organizations near you to lend a hand.  The system knows your zip code and suggests several right in your neighborhood.

For More information, email Br. and Sister Kehoe at email the NASW Area Representative for Just Serve!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

How the Industrial Revolution affected Society

You have just lost a person you've been tracking on Census Data... 
Where did he go?
What do you do now?

There are many reasons that people disappeared before and after 1849.  The first, obviously was death.  With 8 billion records at Family Search, 100,000  Geneanet records and well, I'm just not sure how many FindaGrave entries there are...point being, we have places to verify the names and date of demise.

The next reason was that in 1849 people dropped their shovels and rakes and hustled over to the train leaving for,,,,NOT California.  The Golden Spike at Promontory Point had not yet been connected, (until 1869), so the only way to get all the way through all of the mountain was with  to take a ship around the Great Horn and end up in San Francisco then off to Sacramento and the Sonororan mountains to find their weight in gold.. 

With the modernization of America came many pros and cons.  One was to change the face of the family forever.  It took Father away from the Farm, and encouraged mother to work outside the home.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Our December Newsletter - Merry Christmas from NASWFamilyhistory!

Merry Christmas to you and your families
on both sides of the veil!
May the blessings of the Season be yours now
and forever!

Ted and Karen Meyer

NASW NEWSLETTER FOR DEC 4, 2018 by TedKarenMeyer

The above version is great for browsing but for a .pdf version that you can click on and go straight to the link, please use this link:!AjS2RGb0p-4PiDEk0ZNBm7z7MnwI

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Need to train a Consultant? Need to train a ward member? You are at the right place!

Before 2018, there has never been any real training for a Consultant.  You got called, dove in and swam.  Now we know what needs to be done and this is a plan to help you accomplish it.  

We also have a training deck that shows every part each organization in your Stake plays and how to work together to help new members and existing members. 

Please let us know what your challenges are - we can help you so that you can show something to your Consultants or Leads to give them the direction that they so richly deserve.





Wednesday, November 14, 2018

YSA Family History Escape Room

Escape from the Cabin near Crystal Caves!

This is a fun YSA activity or any group interested in Family History.
It takes place in 1925 and is a real story about Floyd Collins.  As you search for the hidden treasure, you find out more about his life and his family and  part of the exercise is to put together a pedigree with the information.  Each Lock Box or secret location gets you one clue closer to finishing the pedigree.  Before you know it, you've completed 4 generations.

  • All answers are on Ancestry.
  •   I did the research myself and all the documentation requested is there in the file and on Ancestry. 
  • This comes with a power point to use for printing out the clues for the Players, 
  • a power point that shows the Game Master (You!) how to put it together and how to discern any questions about the clues.
  • It comes with a clue and budget sheet to show how much props might be and where you might find them
  • It also comes with some handouts for participants from an Emeritus Seventy
We hope you love it!  Scottsdale YSA is charged up to do this one on Dec 8, 2018
We had some people from other stakes purchase it from us for $20 but it is free to our AreaTFHC.


game plan #2

West Virginia Train Crash left a ghost in our cabin!

We think it might be our Great Grandfather...can you help us?

With the information gained on the family history of George Alley, the Engineer, since his Grandfather was a Civil War hero,  and his ancestors Revolutionary War Soldiers, the requester for help in this game could possibly qualify for a DAR scholarship.

We found these great locks on ebay - They come with the password locked in, so we matrix it into a clue...

super fun!

  • Find our Great Grandfather - He was an Engineer who crashed the train in West Virginia!
 Here are the power points, instructions, and clue sheets with budget and props.  Also if it calls for something to be hung on the wall, we always include that for you to print down and laminate

email me for the password:  (same as above)

Monday, October 29, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving
Ted an Karen Meyer,
NASW Area Temple and Family History Consultants

As you gather with your families this year, don't hesitate to take your laptop, pull up FS and add pictures and memories to your file - right there at the Feast.  Ask them to find their favorite pictures on FB and send them to you so you can upload them.  Use your Networking talents to Discover more about your Family,
Gather the Information
and Connect like never before

Remember, right now, only you can hear your Grandmother or Great Grandfather say your name in your mind.  Can you hear them calling you?  They don't want to be forgotten.  You have the power to keep that from happening.  We have faith in your abilities and we are here to help you with our tips for success.

use this email to send us your stories this month of what you found out.  Please send a picture with it - maybe we will feature you in our next newsletter.

NASW NEWSLETTER FOR NOV 1, 2018 by TedKarenMeyer if hyperlinks aren't working - check here for the hyperlinks:







What causes Dead Ends in Trees?

Monday, October 8, 2018

Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

Avoiding common Rookie mistakes.
Perhaps if I tell you a few of mine, it will save you from repeating the blunder of the past...
By Karen S Meyer

Live information relies on accurate memories.  It still has be to substantiated by data.

I was frustrated.  I was 27 when I first started doing Family History.  I interviewed my Grandmothers and took notes.  My grandmothers had both given me some sketchy information, but it wasn't backed up by any data at all.  I was young and didn't think I needed any of that because I had their word.  They were alive and actually giving me information.  Wasn't that better than all that paper work?  Um....nope.  They were also in their 60s and had already started forgetting more than they could remember.  Some of the data I later found matched their stories, other data did NOT match their stories.  Women did not used to share recipes, tell jokes or reveal their true age.  So that was a problem.  Especially when she told her third husband she was five years younger.  Like no one would ever find out....;)

Brick wall because of mis-spelling

I had reached a brick wall in 1981 on my mother's line.  Right at her Grandfather, my Great Grandfather, everything stopped.  I couldn't find them in any census.  I was tired of driving for an hour (some people drove a lot further!), getting to the L A Temple Library only to find out that they didn't have my roll of microfiche from Salt Lake yet.  It would be another 3 weeks.  When I did finally get it, it was the wrong William Collins.  Finally, I found them in 2012.  (A computer at your finger tips is so much more gratifying that long drives and empty hands).  Here is  what happened.
Look how many times it was misspelled.  I was never taught about Sound ex.  When you click that button, it looks for misspellings and alternate spellings.

BROAD VERSUS EXACT - Slide the button below in Ancestry.

So to cure a dead end - broaden your horizon and see if you can find them by addressing some incorrect indexing or spelling errors.  Census takers didn't start reading back the names they wrote down until 1890, so anytime before that, they just wrote what they heard.  The way I found it was by saying it with a Texas drawl.  Seriously,  it comes  out Callins......not Collins.
Bingo - I was right!  


Also do not click the box above that says exact.  Sometimes either because they were not of age when they married, or were drafted, they did not tell the truth about their ages, so clicking exact will limit your results and you may miss something.

If you are stuck, find the common denominator of Genealogy.  What is the one fact that you are sure of.  The town might be wrong, the county might be wrong.  If you are 100% certain of the state, just put that.  If you are not certain of the state, put United States.  Thank Heavens, the WR Callins (Collins) 1900 Census even though it was indexed incorrectly happened to put them exactly where a family story was.  The worst storm in the history of the United States where we lost over 10,000 people in Galveston, Texas in 1900.  They were living on that island.  To get to know their plight better, I studied what they endured.  My heart goes out to them and someday, when I meet my Grandfather and Great Grandfather, I'll be able to show empathy for their suffering.

I hit a dead end in my first husband's line.  Going through his mother's pictures, I saw the words, died 1923 on Thanksgiving.  However, the date she had for Thanksgiving was November 22, 1923 and there were no records which correlated with that anywhere.  I said a prayer and was immediately was impressed to locate a calendar and find out if that was the actual date for Thanksgiving.
 try to get your dates accurate.  When I did this, suddenly the field opened up and I was back to the Salem Witch Trials within 30 minutes.

I found a wonderful article on a fellow genealogist's site - I hope you read it.  The has great ideas and articles.  You should follow them!  They have refreshing outlooks which help to ease the burden of learning a new craft.

I hope these hints have helped you.  We would love it if you try some of our research tools that have made life easier for us!




NASW Newsletter for Jan 15, 2019 - Jumping those Hurdles to Success in Genealogy!

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