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How do you do this Family History thing?

Thinking in terms of a timeline will calm your brain and keep you from squirlling!
  Sometimes if you aren't focused, your mind can float on all this data and you get lost.

 I thought you might like to have a couple of blank forms to play with so here are a couple of jpgs that will print out as an 8.5x11 and a link to a pdf with the sample data and blank fields to enter your data.  Let me know if this is helpful.

 here is the link to this pdf above:!AjS2RGb0p-4PhC63Cy8OAKeZyps8

How do you do this Family History thing?

It's morning and 7,000 are without power...where's your records?

There used to be a public service announcement....

It said, "It's 11 o' you know where your children are?"  It gave parents a scare.  It made them think about their responsibility to always know where their charges were at all times.....making sure they were safe. It made them accountable for that gift which was given to them to take care of and nurture. 

It made me wonder.  It's been raining for three hours solid.  The pool is close to you know where your Genealogy and Family pictures are stored?  Do you have them backed up somewhere in case of flash flooding?   How safe are your records?  Are you ok in the "preserving your family heritage" department?   I hope you are smirking right now instead of knee deep in water and cringing.

Well, last night we got over 1 inch of rain water and along with thunder, lightening and massive fear building non stop rain for over 3 hours.  Where does it all go when the ground can't absor…
Your chance to Inspire others..... Great activities can be planned across all auxilliaries with family History.    Family Search is looking for inspirational stories where people received revelation that their searches were fruitful.  Any stories, especially of 11-12 year olds learning more about their heritage and their feelings about the journey are especially requested.  At our North American Conference, they stressed they would even come and film locally if the story was what they were seeking to inspire others.  Please send your stories to us at SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  HTTP:// A new directive... With so many apps to "Take a Name" or "Find a Name", people have been submitting up to 3,000 names without verifying if the work has already been done or not.  The brethern would like us to slow down a little and get to know those members on the other side of the veil.  Take time to find out more about their lives, read …

How could that be? couldn't...

Things that make you go....hmmmm?
We run across situations all the time where someone, who shall be nameless for this example, has exuberantly tried to stretch the facts to fit the puzzle.  Really, this could be any of us!  We want so badly to do the work and just really want it to be right, but hoping just doesn't make it so.  So, we need to be patient with ourselves and step back and look at the data with discernment.

When you want something to match so badly...are you tempted to falsify the documents?  Be careful.  If you don't have the proper sourcing identifying your records, your work won't be taken seriously. Case in point....
Patron told me that in her line.....there was a Mother and Father who married and had three of the six kids in Scotland in 1686. Then they moved to Utah in 1710 and had her Great 3x Grandfather...then the rest of the six children (#5 and 6) were then born back in Scotland.  She found a family who arrived in Ellis Island in 1896 with all the same na…

Peruvian Event in Scottsdale - Free to Community! July 28, 2018 noon-3pm

There is something fun happening on   Saturday July 28, 2018  from Noon to 3 pm
 It is a tribute to the Peruvian people in song dance and food all for Free! Come enjoy friends and family! Make new friends! at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Scottsdale North Stake on Goldust


Mid Summer Newsletter for NASWFamilyHistory

What you always wanted to know about Calling someone to a Family History Position


The 60 day Convert Tracker

The 60 Day Convert Tracker

We lose members when they don't feel needed or important.  They fall away because they lose a sense of purpose.  Getting them involved with a friend to help them with Family History is the number one way to get them excited about their life.  When they find along the journey that they actually have Mormon ancestors, they will feel like they belong!
The problem is when no Temple and Family History is assigned to a new person, No one makes sure they are on track for the temple.  Everyone thinks  someone else is working with him.  There is no communication.   Assuming that this is not part of their calling comes into play.  Apathy enters the picture.  Our convert walks away...
We had an amazing tracking system where we got the young man to the Temple within 3 weeks with his own names.  The goal was 60 days.  
With the consultant assigned and involved, every member in the playing field had the login and password to the link…

Are you sure you are looking in the right State?

Are you sure you are looking in the right State?
Here's your scenario.  You have hit a brick wall.  You can't find your person anywhere.  They said, "He was born in 1792 in Tennessee."  Family Search shows 1792 in Tennessee but no sources.
Let's see.  Dead End.  No records, no sources?  This happened to me and I was inspired to look at the date more carefully.  My mystery man was born in 1792......but Tennessee was not a State so how could they have any records?  I found the records, with correct birth and marriage, wife's maiden name in North Carolina. Tennessee became a State in 1796.  
If someone lived in a "state" all their life they would just say, "I was born in Tennessee."  They would not say, "Well, I was born in the part of Tennessee that used to be part of North Carolina."  It probably would not have even entered their mind to include data in their conversation about the border changes!  Not part of normal conversation, rig…