Creating a comfort zone for Family History....


       Our ward Family History endeavors were not optimal.  In 2010 we would hold classes according to the manual and people would show up for 1 or 2 classes and then say, "Sayonara" because it was very basic and they already felt that ALL of their work had been done.    The Internet connection in our building was dicey at best.  Frequently, on Sundays, as the masses poured in to Sacrament, their phones were on auto pilot to adjust to the Church WIFI.

 So having access on a regular basis was inconsistent and weak.  That had a compounding problem because the access point (that little thing that looks like plastic rabbit ears) was on a beam shelf in the Foyer about 50 feet from our Family History Room.   If the router needed to be reset, one in his or her church dress, had to go out to the foyer, drag a classroom table over, climb up on it and try to reach the router on the ledge.  This got old rather quickly.

We got permission to use the old abandoned clerk's office next to the old scout room and we made it really "homey".  Chris Schweikert did a great job decorating the walls with some pictures and did a beautiful vinyl tree on the whiteboard.   We added some access points so that up to 12-15 people can be in there during the 2nd hour of Sunday School.  Kristina Potter came up with the original idea for the gmail google drive based Consultant Ward Family History Template, which I have added some additional bells and whistles now.  She also put her large scale fan chart printer in the Clerks office so we bought a small one to print out Temple Cards.  I supplied the cutter and card stock and off we were running.
Here are some Pictures and I have included a link to the Template if you think it will help you keep track of how your ward is doing.

We were told to visit people in their homes, but sometimes its hard for them or they feel like they don't want to clean their house for company so it's easier for them to come to this room 2nd hour.  They learn a lot and always leave with names.

Best new way to help people -
Success within 5 minutes!

We all wore these hats at a Linger Longer so that help was easily found by all

Hung a nice mirror and a clock on the wall

We have a guest portal with some brochures

Interesting Ward Ancestors

Internet Access when in that room
When kids aren't there we use this for brochures and handouts

When Mom wants to do Family History, we keep Crayons and FS Coloring books here
Brother Meyer working the network
Me getting ready for 2nd hour.  Really glad we went to and got some nice burgundy tablecloths to match the padded chairs.  They were only 6.00 each.

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