Friday, May 26, 2017

Area Temple and Family History Consultants - Scottsdale, Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe

I may have missed a city!  Please let me know what your area covers so that I can label your picture from our meeting correctly.   I feel like we are missing some from our meeting.  If others have pictures, please send them.    This is from our April 27, 2017 meeting with Our Family Search Area Manager, Brent Summerhays.

Brother and Sister Melville

Brother and Sister Meyer

Brother and Sister Mortensen

Brother and Sister Peterson

Brother and Sister Schults
Sister Haws and Brent Summerhays

We need pictures of the Karchners, Kemptons and Calls

As we follow the Six Steps that the First Presidency laid out,  with Heavenly Father's help, we will bring so much joy into  others' lives.

1.  Prepare Spiritually
2.  Discover their Goals
3.  Access their tree
4.  Deliver a personalized lesson plan with the Consultant Planner
5.  Point them to the Temple
6.  Find others to teach.

We always enjoy their excitement at learning something new and always ask, "Who will you share what you've learned here with?".  If they say it, they will do it.

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